Christophe Didillon (*1971) loves vibrant colours, and his acrylic paintings reflect his variegated way of life, which had begun at the Northern Sea Coast and, after High School examination and professional training, lasted for a while in China.

The academic Sinologue and Magister Artium wants to use his paintings to baffle the spectator a puzzle and to illustrate the countless contrasts and contradicts, inevitable connected with our life.

His own experiences of life motivate him, too, and the early first love in his youth full of sadness wounded his feelings deeply. Through the medium painting Didillon discovered a way to come to terms with his past. Nevertheless the many little happy events in his life also arenít be neglected in the 33 year old painterís works.  He expresses his feelings with his vibrant and vigorous colours and loves it to mix objects, from all of us used everyday, with compositions of colours, which - with half an eye Ė donít harmonize together. Making efforts to take and (at the same time) to give the life its sense Didillon loves the paradoxical:


Christophe Didillon

So he tries with some approach to accuracy to create an authentic portray of the variety of life with all of its happy, sad, great, minor, vibrant and everyday moments, and to give the everyday disregarded objects a chance to find attention.

The sensitive painter explains his motivation with the necessity in our time, when the importance of money finds more and more attention than the value of an usual human being. After being admitted into the PARADOX artist group and exhibitions at the Parliament of Hessen / Germany and museums in China he wants to make a halt at further interesting stations in the future. He dedicates his life for helping other adults to revival their enthusiasm and ambitions, which often had been lost of memory after childhood.

In addition to the medium painting Didillon works experimentally to deepen his talent as photographer, since he was inspired on his journey with Trans-Siberian Railway from Beijing to Moscow in the year of 1999.

Besides he loves to dress and style the hair of women with long and sleek hair, for which he exclusively uses comb and wet gel.