Curriculum Vitae



Date and place of birth




Christophe Joachim Paul Didillon

Eschenweg 1, 26506 Norden, Germany

18. October 1971 in Aurich, Germany

+49 (0) 49 31 / 1 20 22

didillon-art (at)



June 2004

October 1997 –  June 2004

September 1998 –  July 1999



Master´s Degree (Magister Artium)

Philipps University Marburg, Germany: Modern Painting, Sinology, Law, Modern History

Chinese Language Studies and Calligraphy at Tongji University in Shanghai, China


Artistic Career

August 2005

July 2005





Vernissage at the Hotel "Deutsches Haus" in the city of Norden, Germany

Participation in "The Dragon of East and West", international art exchange project between

artists from Germany and China, with group exhibitions in the city of Osterode am Harz, Germany

Exhibition at Nankai University Museum of Contemporary Art Tianjin, China


June 2005





May 2005

January 2005


November –  December 2004


October 2004

October 2004

July 2004 - August 2004


Mai 2004 - August 2004


March 2004 - June 2004


March 2004


April 2000


November 1999



Participation at the opening of "The Free Will – 20 Years Glasnost" art

exhibition in Berlin. Didillon handed over the present (painting named

"GLASNOST") to Mr Gorbachev according to his merits for liberty

and freedom on the occasion of 20th anniversary of beginning era of

"Glasnost" and "Perestroika" in Soviet Union and Eastern Europe

Exhibition in the Stone City at Tianjin

Appointed as "Consultant of International Art" by the chairman of Hua

Cui Artists Community of Tianjin, China

Single Exhibition and Vernissage at the Parliament of Hessen  

in the city of Wiesbaden, Germany

Created a painting as present for Crown Princess Viktoria of Sweden

Became professional artist

Participation in "Kunst ist eine Insel", international art festival, with 

group exhibition on Helgoland Island

Participation in "The Dragon of East and West", with group

exhibitions at Schonfeld Castle and Rochlitz Castle in Sachsen

Single Exhibition and Vernissage at the Technologie- und

Tagungscenter Marburg

Admitted to the international artist group, PARADOX (founded  

by B.J. Antony)

Participation in the "Creativa" Art Contest at Philipps University

Marburg. Award the second prize.

Begin to create and design autodidact paintings basing on acrylic

colors on canvas


Projects in future




Further exhibitions in China, the United States and Greece are being prepared at Beijing,

Shanghai, Weihai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and other cities in Southern China and Taiwan

as good as Santa Barbara (USA) and Chania (Greece).